Address: Shmeisani, Amman
Day of Birth: 4.6.1993, Prague, CZ
Nationality: Czech
Tel.: +420 731 913 399, +33 782 73 99 18, +962 792 818 045


Energy Professional with working knowledge of 6 languages and a focus on renewable energy sources, solar and wind in particular. MSc, Specialization: energy market analysis, energy regulation, business development


Sciences Po Paris, Paris
2017 / 9 - 2020 / 5

Paris School of International Affairs, Masters in International Energy
specialisation: Europe and environment

●  Energy Economics
●  Politics and Economics of International Energy
●  Natural Resource Economics
●  The EU and the New World Dis-Order
●  Climate Geopolitics: International Relations in a Warming World
●  Energy Regulation
●  Network Energies: The Economics and Politics of Gas and Electricity
●  Managing Energy Demand
●  Decarbonisation Scenarios and Renewable Energy Sources
●  Political Economy of Development International Political Economy
●  The EU, a model for other international groupings?
●  Statistical Reasoning (Stata)
●  Energy Landscape Analysis
●  Energy markets
●  Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: Climate Change Challenges
●  Economics of New Energy Technologies
Université Mohammed VI, Ben Guerir, Morocco
2019 / 9 - 2019 / 12
Exchange in Renewable Energy and Arabic
●  Conversion of energy
●  Energy efficiency in buildings
●  Environmental and social policies for sustainable development
●  Methodology of research : Economic studies
●  Classical Arabic
●  Dialectal Arabic (Darija)
University of Bristol, Bristol
2016 / 9 - 2017 / 5
Exchange in Geography and Environmental Sciences
●  Environmental Risks, Management and Policy
●  Future Climates and the Physics of Climate Change
●  Sustainable Development
●  World in Crisis
●  Convincing stories? Numbers as evidence in the social sciences
●  Advances English Language Studies
Sciences Po Paris, Dijon
2014 / 8 - 2016 / 5
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

●  Microeconomics
●  Macroeconomics
●  European Affairs
●  International Public Law
●  Contract Law
●  European Economics
●  History of Europe
●  Territorial governance
●  Political sociology
●  Introduction to entrepreneurship
●  Enquete sociologique, méthodes quantitatives (Excel)


United Nations Children's Fund, WASH Support Officer, Amman
2021 / 1 – present
Working as WASH Support Officer, I am involved in supporting the humanitarian WASH operations in Syrian refugee camps, regularly visiting the camps of Za'atari and Azraq to undertake monitoring of services and community mobilization activities. In addition, I am supporting the team in the development of climate resilient water and safety plans, climate fund proposals (GCF, among others) and alternative solar power options for WASH operations in remote locations supporting vulnerable communities.
Association for International Affairs, Project manager and Energy research fellow, Prague
2020 / 10 – present
As project manager with the Climate team of AMO, a non-governmental think-tank, I am leading a project aimed at raising awareness and knowledge about the EU ETS in the Czech Republic and the EU. As energy research fellow, I am focusing on European energy and carbon markets, their integration and decarbonization as well as low-carbon sources of energy.
Schneider Electric, Energy Analyst, Budapest
2018 / 9 – 2019 / 9
Managing over 50 GWh of electricity and gas accounts, I helped clients
achieve reductions in energy costs through a variety of energy
management and consulting services - risk management, energy
procurement, energy market analysis and tendering services.
European Parliament, Energy and Environment Intern, Brussels
2017 / 6 – 2017 / 7
Internship in the office of Ludek Niedermayer, MEP. I was attending and
monitoring parliamentary hearings, researching energy and environmentrelated
topics and writing articles.
ParisTech Review, Marketing and Analysis Intern, Paris
2015 / 7 – 2015 / 8
During my internship in ParisTech Review, I was responsible for documentation, analysis and
contact of potential authors. I learned how to work autonomously. Also, I organised and accomplished an interview with Karel Janeček, Czech mathematician, businessman and anticorruption militant.
VOXEurope, Translator, Dijon
2014 / 3 – 2015 / 5
VoxEurope is a news and debate website aiming to contribute to the development of informed
European public opinion. I translated articles from English and French into Czech.
AIESEC, Project Coordinator, Prague
2013 / 10 – 2014 / 3
When working in AIESEC, I tried out many new activities and met many interesting people. For example, I was responsible for a 6-week multicultural project. I was looking for interns for Czech educational institutions. I communicated with students from various countries all around the World, led interviews in English and selected suitable candidates. I organized events and supported the selected interns while working in the Czech Republic.

Voluntary Work

Levantine Institute of Tripolis, Volunteer, Tripolis
2018 / 7 - 2018 / 8
Along with a 'Lebanese Urban Arabic' course, I was volunteering in Maan center - teaching English and French "to provide extra-curricular support for Syrian refugee children."
Climates, Volunteer, Paris
2018 / 3 - 2018 / 6
CliMates is an international youth-led think-and-do tank on climate change gathering together volunteers, both students and young professionals. I was a member of the “Negotiations tracking” project that follow closely global climate negotiations.
Österreichischer Alpenverein, Volunteer, Austrian Alps
2013 / 7 - 2013 / 8
Volunteering at Oesterreichischer Alpenverein. I spent two weeks in Alpes, building fences to protect saplings and other trees against animals and cutting dwarf pines so that the sheep have enough nourishment.
Reconstruction of State (Rekonstrukce státu), Volunteer, Prague
2013 / 10
Rekonstrukce státu (Reconstruction of the State) is a joint project of anti-corruption organizations, business associations and other partners that aims to enforce nine anti-corruption laws. As a supporter of this initiative and an ambassador, I was responsible for convincing candidates for the Chamber of Deputies to sign so as to ensure wide support in the House.
Strana zelených (Green party), volunteer, Prague
2013 / 10
I was a volunteer for the Green Party (Strana zelených) during the Chamber of Deputies elections held on the the 25 th and the 26 th October 2013. I was distributing flyers and promotional gifts, was available to answer questions from the public and helped to build the booths. I attended several events in Prague and took part in five trips to cities throughout the Czech Republic. I was recognised and awarded for being the "best volunteer" of the campaign.


Microsoft Office and Open Office

  • Word processors
  • spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint

Data Analysis, Statistics

  • Matlab
  • SQL
  • Stata
  • Microsoft Excel

Renewable Energy Software

  • PVSyst
  • PV GIS tools
  • Global Wind Atlas
  • AURES Auction designer


Native C2
Advanced C1
Advanced C1
Intermediate B2
Intermediate B2
Intermediate B2
Arabic (MSA, Levantine dialect)
Fair B1
Basic A2


I used to sing in a choir and I play guitar. I have travelled through much of Europe and a few other countries, sometimes hiking, and always enjoying learning about other cultures. I read regularly newspapers, such as HN, The Economist or the markets and the energy sections of FT.

  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Travel
  • Newspapers